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Freyen is a large town, of mixed population, nestled into the valley of the TwinFang Mountains. To the west lie the frontiers and wilds of the Western Realm, ancestral home of the Elves, Dwarves, Men, and Dragonborn. Through the narrow pass, is the Eastlands, ancestral home of the little folk, the Gnomes and Halflings, but now called home by all the civilized races. Freyen is home to around a thousand people, of varying race and heritage. Being a large frontier settlement, the people are more concerned with making their way in The World, and thriving in the reclamation of the Old World. That this land was once lost to them, has not been forgotten by these hardy people.

Erachstaxen – The Wicked Scourge of the Fens. This Dragon, eons ago, held terrible influence in the lands around Freyen. For more than a thousand years, He ruled the lands as Lord. Exacting horrible prices upon the denizens of his lands. As the years passed, the more civilized creatures, the elves, dwarves, humans, left their homes and migrated to the east, eventually completely abandoning the Western Realm. In the centuries after the ‘Great Leaving’, the lands of the Western Realm came to be populated by only the most savage creatures. Fearful of their Dragon King, and eager to earn his favor, they constantly warred amongst each other, and occasionally into the east as well. The ancient cities and wonders of the West fell into ruin, spoiled by their new caretakers, and left to rot, and be forgotten.

Legend tells that Bahamut, weary of such a powerful child of Tiamat gaining such power and hold in The World, struck a bargain with Tiamat. In a rare showing of cooperation, Tiamat allowed the creation of the Dragonborn, Bahamut’s children, in the West, and Bahamut agreed to a concession of lands in the Elemental Chaos to which he once held dominion. Strong with the will of their father, the Platinum Dragon (Bahamut), the Dragonborn quickly grew in power, and fought back against the evil in the West. In short time, rumors of a new force in the West traveled to the Eastlands. Their resolve bolstered by news of strong and determined allies, and hopeful to reclaim their ancestral lands from the Fenlord and his forces, the peoples of the East struck out into the Western Realm once again. Finding the Dragonborn to be true and faithful allies in their campaign, the peoples of the East were quick to accept their new friends into the cultures back home. The newcomers to The World settled in and made their homes in both lands, the East and the West, welcomed as fellow warriors in the struggle against tyranny and evil. Eventually a group of heroes emerged, powerful, and blessed by the Platinum Dragon, they set out to slay the Fenlord.

Unknown to all, even the wretched and powerful sorcerers and necromancers of the Fenlord’s court, Erachstaxen had taken several mates. The eggs of his offspring, he kept for himself, never allowing them to be born. He hid them across the realm, protected by his powerful magics, the eggs lay dormant for centuries. When the heroes of the East, along with their Dragon Kin allies, eventually confronted the Fenlord, and defeated him in one of the most epic battles to occur in the history of The World, the spells binding his eggs to dormancy were broken. This has come to be known as the great curse of the Western Realm.

Shadows of the Dragon